Nativeland Revisited

My name is Mechy. I am Dominican, a mulatta, a queer, a writer. I moved back to the Dominican Republic in Summer of 2012. I do not represent anyone's voice but my own.

The simple fact that you’re a volunteer who has come to “help” my country does not entitle you to my respect or gratitude. The colonizers came to “help” us Christianize and they burned our caciques at the stake. The U.S. came to “help” and they occupied us. I will not apologize for treating you with distrust. What do you have to offer us? You, who from your cushy suburb with 24 hr electricity and running water have watched the real world through your TV? To us, who have survived rape, slavery, military occupations, and dictatorships? No, volunteer-who-has-come-to-help-the-brownies, I scoff at your help y te desprecio.

You, volunteer, with your deep-rooted, negative stereotypes that you pretend to be ignorant of having— te desprecio.

You, volunteer, who have arrived to “help” but do not speak my language— te desprecio.

You, volunteer who swears  that sustainable change to a complex issue can be achieved through something as simple as arts and crafts but have never felt hunger, or the sting of an incredibly flawed education system, or the shame of not having a pencil for school or the joy of dancing in warm summer rain or collecting mangoes a la Easter egg hunt style. You who have no context— te desprecio.

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